“an overwhelming success.”

— The Huffington Post


“Even without a red carpet or paparazzi, the event, which melded the Bay Area’s vibrant music and film communities, was truly special — an evening to be seen and on the scene.”



“Music Video Race embodies the new symbiotic relationship that has emerged between Bay Area musicians and filmmakers in the age of low- to no-budget music videos.”

— East Bay Express


“The first time we ever saw each other was on the big screen at the MVR 2013 premiere party and it was love at first sight. We briefly shook hands and exchanged info and by September we were running away together. We started a record label/PR and Development firm in October. We were married in December. The band we started together released its first song by February with limited state-side success, but made a big splash overseas. We are almost comedically happy and none of it could have happened if our bandmates hadn’t talked us into doing the Music Video Race.

Everyone should do MVR – if you’re anything like us, it just might make all of your wildest dreams come true.”

— Alex Christopher Haager and Sierra Frost Haager of Magic Fight, Clintongore,
Breakup Records, and Bed


“As an active musician in the Bay Area for the past 5 years, I’ve never had such a united experience with the local bands and filmmakers here. From our time with MVR we’ve made some lasting friendships and had some great doors open for us. It was a fantastic time and I 100% would say “do it!” to any band offered to enter. MVR is a great reminder that it’s not every band or filmmaker for themselves here, but a community, and this friendly competition does a mighty fine job of bringing it together.

— Scott Huerta of French Cassettes, MVR musician participant


“I would recommend participating in MVR to any band that is up for spending a weekend creating and collaborating on a music video in a fun and energizing way! Happy Fangs had an amazingly fun & productive weekend!”

— Rebecca Gone Bad of Happy Fangs, MVR musician participant


“Participating in the Music Video Race last year was a great experience for us, and huge for our music. It connected us with people we may not have otherwise met, we got an awesome video out of it, and it all happened in less than 48 hours. Brilliant! “

— Callow, MVR musician participant


“Music Video Race is my favorite creative event of the year. Pairing rogue filmmakers and musicians together at random in a race against time? Yes!”

— Paige Richardson, MVR filmmaker participant


“Music Video Race is rad! I had such a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Since Music Video Race, I’ve directed two other music videos with bands from MVR, as well as another with a band who had seen the music video I made with the French Cassettes. The MVR has opened that music video directing door for me that I just couldn’t knock down before. Thanks MVR!”

— Dalan McNabola, MVR filmmaker participant


“MVR was an incredible whirlwind experience. It really banded together creative professionals from all walks of life. Going into the weekend, just the right amount of logistical information was supplied in order for spontaneous creative surprises to happen all throughout the weekend.

One of the best elements of the weekend for me personally was being paired with a band whose style of music I previously had never listened to. To create something in only 48 hours, it’s important to have creative challenges like that, and creating a video for a band with completely different aesthetics than myself as a filmmaker expanded my ideas creatively, and ultimately, yielded a shit ton of fun for all of us in the process”

— Joey Dello Russo, MVR filmmaker participant


“The whole point of MVR is to bring people together to build community and get creative. I love so much that it exists.”

— Eric Steuer of Not the 1′s, MVR musician participant