About The Video

Why does the sparrow continue to dive into the thorny blackberry bush? Why do we fall in love even though we know our hearts might get broken? In a moving song by Your Cannons, we see how the monotony and painfulness of life can also be ground from which we take flight and change our world from grey to color. Why? Because we have to.

About The Band

With members from England, Sweden, Colorado and the Bay Area, Your Cannons pool their diverse influences to build songs around a surging shoegaze groove that leans into the exploratory post-punk and psychedelic rock of latter-day Talk Talk and early day Verve. It’s been said that they have “…an otherworldly sound, like, a slow-motion mosh in a room filled with red strobe lights.”

About The Filmmakers

Oliver Mellan – Director
Minea Herwitz – Co-producer
Lawrence Rickford – Assistant Camera
Andrew Chamings – Band/vocalist
Brendan Henrie – Band/bass
Chris Trewin – Band/guitar
Jeff Knutson – Band/drums
Daniel Hemmingsson – Band/guitar

Your Cannons


Directed by

Oliver Mellan

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