About The Video

Deep Dark Night depicts mysterious intrigue and sultry allure–you never know what lurks around the next corner. A beautiful woman finds herself lost in a foggy city, in a gripping search for a character that’s strangely familiar. The murky secrets unlocked with a skeleton key may also lie deep within…

About The Band

An intoxicating mixed drink of soul-jive and gypsy-blues, Royal Jelly Jive dives deep head-first into the old school throwback sounds of the 1940′s with a groovy new twist. Rapturous horns, sleek bass, elegant keys and swingin’ cymbals are all fronted by the sultry and soulful vocals of Lauren Bjelde

About The Filmmakers

Team Renderloin:
Ben Youngerman
Ken Fisher
Matthew Neikrug
Danny De Bonis
Josh Burstein
Miranda Jones
Ben Zweig
Gabriel Hernandez

Lauren Michelle Bjelde
Jesse Lemme Adams
Robby Elfman
Felix Macnee
Danny Cao
Tyden Binsted

Royal Jelly Jive

Deep Dark Night

Directed by


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