About The Video

Would you put a price on your dream? Who survives as a new American? One down-and-out youth continues to perform his hidden talent despite his situation in a struggling economy.

About The Band

Odd Owl’s progressive pop takes the comfort of old friends down rhythmic roads and off-beaten paths. “Centered around Carmen Caruso’s pristine female-fronting and cushioned by keyboard coos, funk hooks and buoyant drumming” [Justine Fields, SF Deli], Odd Owl has created a sound that is genuine, bright and uniquely San Franciscan.

About The Filmmakers

Nikko DeLuna – Director/shooter/editor
Brad Seals – MOVI Camera Operator
James Caston – Production Assistant
Stephen Jacobsen – Ballet Dancer
Carmen Caruso – Singer/keys
Adam Wadenius – Drummer
Ricardo Saavedra – Bassist
Phil Jacobsen – Guitarist

Odd Owl

New Americans

Directed by

Nikko DeLuna

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