About The Video

A kaleidoscopic action adventure into the soul that will blow your pants off!

About The Band

Bill Baird, was named the 2013 Best New Musician in the East Bay Express. He loves music and will never quit, not even if when his neighbors ask him nicely.

About The Filmmakers

Slow Clap Productions
Daniel Lichtenberg – Director/Cast/DP
Cassandra Jabola – Producer/Cast
Matthew Rome – DP/Cast
Reina Lam – AD/PM/Cast
Kee Heywood – 2nd AD/Cast
Dan Stangl – Editor/AC/Cast
Aaron Delman – Grip/Cast
Dern Magee – Grip
Doug Kintner – PA/Still Photography/Cast
Andrew Moorehead – PA
Rahel Marsie-Hazen – Cast
Ted Davis – Kaleidoscope Artist
Devin Lewis – Catering
Ashley Moodie – Catering
Bill Baird – Talent

Bill Baird

Soggy Soul

Directed by

Slow Clap Productions

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