About The Video

Oakland-based Team Go Team 2 amalgamates with San Francisco’s illustrious and renowned Battlehooch to chronicle the perspectives of six distinguished gentlemen as they meet their grizzly, polychromatic demise* while partaking in mundane tasks such as microwaving leftovers, chasing butterflies and looking fine like Poseidon while basking in a hot tub.

*Only the rhythm section was actually killed in the making of this video.

About The Band

What can a rock band do that hasn’t been done yet? How much can you twist and mutate a genre until it turns into something new? These are the questions that lie at the heart of Battlehooch’s music. Their latest album “Hot Lungs” (Released Feb 2013) is a full length meditation on the answers for those questions. With songs ranging from symphonically epic to intimately beautiful, “Hot Lungs” is an album that captures the widescreen nature of Battlehooch’s sound.

About The Filmmakers

Paige Richardson – Director
Sean Johnson – Assistant Director
Ron Larson – Camera
Daniel McChestney-Young – Camera
William Wroblewski – Camera
Shannon Hubbell – Editor
Pauline Van Beek – Data Wrangler
Melissa Anderson – After Effects Wizard
Jacob Martinez – Gaffer Extraordinaire
Yolanda Fernandez – Production Assistant
Dan Hubbell – Production Assistant


I'm Exploding

Directed by

The Go Team 2

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