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The 21st Century is a seven-piece indie pop band based out of Berkeley, CA, that blends the chamber-pop orchestrations of Brian Wilson and The Zombies, the clever poetry of Leonard Cohen, the energy of The E Street Band, and the playful optimism of Belle & Sebastian. Frontman Bevan Herbekian’s distinctive melodies and off-beat lyrics lay atop intricate arrangements that feature a driving rhythm section, jangly guitars, warm four-part vocal harmonies, and a dynamic horn section, resulting in a sound that is unique, yet instantly familiar, and impressive in both concert and recordings.

About The Filmmakers

The Human Persons (a subsidiary of the Club of Human Beings) are a subterranean collective of filmmakers, photographers, and social critics based in the Bay Area. Wendy Baxter serves as our editorial director, lead animator, and cinematographer, at least when she’s not out of town climbing giant redwoods for a living. Mark Nye’s responsibilities include photographic direction, editing, live tape manipulation, and general millwright support for day to day operations. The Human Persons are currently petitioning for new members. Applicants should submit their resume along with a brief bio to our HR department at resumes@clubofhumanbeings.com.

The 21st Century

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