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If there is a place that embodies a supercollider of artistic influences, it would be San Francisco. And if many of these sights, sounds, and textures could be wrapped into one musical experience, it would probably be the band, doppio. The core of doppio is made up of Adam Tenenbaum and McKay Garner.

Adam and McKay speak their own colorful sonic language. This is comprised of Adam’s otherworldly, kaleidoscopic, controllerist/DJ approach to guitar sound, and McKay’s melodic, pitch-bent, choppy and bombastic electro-acoustic drum experiments.

With their newly released self-titled album, doppio has created a landmark stamp on the sound of San Francisco. The record takes the listener on a tour of styles from house, to punk/dubstep fusion, to alien big band music, to warped funk and chill/IDM. Each piece manages to do so with a definite fingerprint of doppio. Seeing all this performed live is a must!

About The Filmmakers

Five hundred years in the future, a renegade crew aboard a small, spacecraft tries to survive as they travel the unknown parts of the galaxy and evade warring factions as well as authority agents out to get them. Along the way, they filmed a music video in San Francisco.
Producer/Director – Yvette Solis
Associate Producer – Jesse Cohen
Director of Photography – Scott Sorensen
Grip – Kyle Lester
Prop Master – Tory Fink
Wardrobe/Photographer – Shalina Reinhardt
Production Assistant – Christina Mirabella
Editor – Alex Esteves
And featuring…
Will Nail is Cobra, Trevor Pitts is Mongoose.
Andrew Bounds as the Snake Charmer. Jaime Lipsky, Valeria Solis, Eduardo Solis Fernando Solis, Tory Fink, Kyle Lester, and doppio



Directed by

The Outer Avenues

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