You got hashtags going on?


Does it cost anything to apply?
It is free to apply, and if you are selected, there is a $75 entry fee for filmmakers, and a $100 fee for bands


What’s this I hear about the Grammys + MVR?
We are now able to nominate videos from MVR to be considered for a Grammy!


Where did the filmmakers page go?
We found that many filmmaking teams are loose collective of folks so it didn’t make sense to have a page like the musicians page for them. If you’d like to see who made a particular video, credits are all listed on each video’s page.


How does the event work?
On a Friday night, at an undisclosed location, we match up 15 musical acts with 15 filmmakers. Each pairing will create a music video that weekend, finishing up by Sunday night.


And then what?
The weekend after the filmmaking weekend, we have a premiere with all the videos, prizes, and some bands playing live.


So if apply, am I automatically in?
No mam/sir. We’ll send you an official invite email if you’re selected to participate.


I think my company would be a great partner or sponsor.
Nice! Send an email to friendswithbenefits@musicvideorace.com and we’ll talk.


Does the song we make a video for have to be recorded already?
No, but keep in mind that audio quality is a very important factor in your video.


Is there a time limit on the songs?
Yes, songs must be under five minutes.


Where is the video drop-off?
Secret location TBA.


What are some of the prizes?
Some prizes this year in SF were a $1500 gear package from DTC Lighting and Grip, a class at TechShop, a class and a Producer’s Bundle membership at the Bay Area Video Coalition, Pro accounts from Vimeo, over $500 worth of Alite gear, $250 Seed & Spark campaign seed money and much more. Watch this space for Austin prize announcements throughout August.!


Who are the judges?

Our esteemed judges in Austin in 2014 were:
Jesse Sachs, SXSW Music
Mike Wilson, Devolver co-founder
Tommy Swenson, Alamo Drafthouse Programmer
Laurie Gallardo, KUTX’s Austin Music Minute host

San Francisco judges in 2014 were:
Carlton Evans, Executive Director of the Disposable Film Fest
Emma Silvers, Music Editor at the SF Bay Guardian
Doug Klinger, Founder of the Internet Music Video Database
Mimi Cave, Director of videos for tUnE-yArDs, Lucius, Magic Man, and more.


I’m in a band, and I know some of the filmmakers taking part. Can we pick who we get to collaborate with?
Nope. Serendipity is your friend, friend.


Do I need a Location Release to shoot on public property?
No, but you may need a permit. We do not require you to prove to us that you received a permit, but you may be stopped from shooting or even fined if you do not have one. Please check with your local film commissioner.


Can we do an animated video?
Definitely! You know that’s gonna take a while though, right? And you just have the one weekend.


Does our band or film team have to be from the LA area to take part?
Technically, no. But you do technically have to have a team representative at the kick-off and drop-off event, and everyone else present all weekend. And it would be a bummer if you couldn’t make it to the premiere.


Do the musicians have to appear in the videos?
That’s up to you as collaborating filmmakers and musicians. But they have to be around to be part of the process. Collaboration is key here.


What are the technical specs for submitted videos?
That’s in the terms and conditions


I’d like to help make a video, but I don’t know any other filmmakers. What should I do?
Post on our facebook page, sign up to our mailing list on our homepage, email info@musicvideorace.com with any questions and keep any eye out for a networking events sponsored by Music Video Race leading up to the event in your city.

So who pays for making the video and stuff?
We’re assuming if you’re signing up as a filmmaker you have a camera or access to one. In terms of any costs associated with creating the video, we definitely encourage resourcefulness to keep costs down or non-existent. What Music Video Race is doing here is providing a platform for collaboration among wildly creative individuals. Since we can’t manage any financial matters, we assume that as totally mature adults the collaborators can come up with something that works for everyone involved.


I’d love to volunteer. Do you have any openings?
Totally. Holler at info@musicvideorace.com


I like your graphics a lot. Who did the design?


I like the button-feel of your site. Who built this thing?


I still don’t know what’s going on.
It’s cool. Just visit the contact page and send an email to the appropriate party.