About The Video

“Hey Hey”: The Hot Toddies awaken in a strange place after a surreal, champagne-soaked adventure.

About The Band

The Hot Toddies, an all-girl quartet from Oakland, CA mix sunny beach pop, indie rock riffs, a bottle of whiskey and a dry sense of humor. Heidi, Erin, Jessica and Sylvia are BFFs who have been touring and writing songs together since 2005. They have played shows all over the US, Canada and the UK with bands like the Queers, RxBandits, Zee Avi, Art Brut and Alkaline Trio. They have 2 albums and 2 EPs out on Asian Man Records.

About The Filmmakers

Lucky Destroyer is a team of journalists, photographers, and llamas:
Director/Editor: Vanessa Carr
Producer: Demi Tsasis
Director of Photography: Mark Oltmanns
Camera/Editor: Patrick Kollman
Camera: Lydia White
Editor: Charlotte Buchen
Art Direction: Rebekah Cantor

The Hot Toddies

Hey Hey

Directed by

Lucky Destroyer

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