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“Snake” by Cash Pony is a trip through the mind of one of two lovers. After falling in love with a man, the spirit of a serpent goddess must find him and explain that it is impossible for their love to ever take place.

About The Band

Cash Pony is a psych/prog rock band from Oakland CA. In a time where most ‘psychedelic’ rock bands are rehashing sleepy, reverb-laden retro sounds – Cash Pony is attempting to explore psychedelic music in a truer sense; something urgent, inspired, meticulous, raw, and always interrupting itself with revelatory moments. Their first full length LP “Carpal Tunnel Vision Quest” explores the inner lobe of your ADD-affected brain and makes you sweat. Electric sitar shreddery, baritone sax wizardry, algebraic drum&bass, and the sensitive touch of delicate fibers on the eardrum. Purr and hiss.

Cash Pony


Directed by

Half White Yeti

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